Monday, 5 July 2010


It almost felt like my legs had some punch today, though that might have just been the cold screwing with my bodies electrics.

D: 29.4km
A: 290m

I haven't really reviewed my "off season" results against the goals I set, I think in the spirit of getting better it's important to do.

Monos - While not perfect there has been progress. I no longer wonder if there is a pill or nasal spray that could help me keep it up longer.

Airborn - I am still quite shit scared of being off the ground while riding.

Spin - Continued SS MTB riding has forced me to spin along the flat, but it's also forced grinding on the hills. On the road bike it's been a little better, but probably just because I'm not as strong as this time last year.

KBs - We haven't done much KB work at Jeff's of late, so I haven't spent much time working on my technique, I am bloody happy with the 2 x 24kg KB session I did a while back.

Beer - It has been drunk.

So a fail, a few still in progress and a couple of successes, not too bad.

PMPW: 93kg

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