Sunday, 25 July 2010


You Yangs:
After a week of basically not touching the bike I really felt the need for a mental and physical release, no I'm not talking about porn (this time).

Dirty Deeds CX #2 was scheduled for the arvo, but I wasn't in the mood to race, and I really want to do that on a proper CX bike. I did have another option, mid week I got an SMS from Bruce Dickey saying there'd be a longish ride starting from the stock yards at the You Yangs. Perfect!

James and Bruce Dickey.

Not a bad little bunch of racers and ex racers.

I was pretty happy I'd be able to deal with the pace of the bunch, I had my geared bike with me.... then Paul van der Ploeg turned up. Having the national u23 champion turn up to a ride, fresh from a stint racing World Cups in Europe is shattering to confidence. "He's going to rape me, and not in the good way!" Thankfully Pauly wasn't in the mood to tear legs off. He spent the day either balanced on his rear wheel or airborn.

Ok so he is neither on his rear wheel nor airborn here, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :D

I can't say that I rode fantastically, maybe it was a scootch too much air in my tyres for the loose conditions, maybe it was that I don't ride my geared bike enough. Still there were many times when the world melted away leaving only the trail winding it's way in front of me. Nothing but finding apexes mattered, and man were there a lot of them to be found.


D: 33.6km
A: 605m

1 x 17ish @ 20kg Shoulder press
1 x 17ish @ 20kg Push ups
1 x 30ES @ 20kg One arm swings
1 x 30 @ 20kg High pulls
1 x 50ES @ 20kg High knee sprints
1 x 10 Tyre sprints
1 x 12ish Rope shenanigans
1 x 1 @ 20kg Walking lunges
1 x 1 @ 20kg Duck walk
1 x 1 @ 20kg Broad jumps
1 x 1 @ 20kg Duck walk
1 x 1 @ 20kg Broad jumps
1 x 1 @ 20kg Walking lunges

After 2 and a bit weeks away from Jeff's I never expected it would be easy, it wasn't and I'm sure I'll be sore for a good chink of the coming week.

I wasn't mentally there for the first few exercises, but the sprints were a good chance to bury myself, especially with a rabbit to chase.

The rope shenanigans were cruel, not for me, but for the lacross boys who we were tag teaming into submission. 2 groups of 3 of us rotated on one end, while it was just two of them on the other. It was Pat's first week, I'm sure he'll remember this week for a while.

PMPW: 91kg


Diesel said...

Loving the thought of that You Yangs ride mate. Would love to get out there some time with you.

Diesel said...

Diesel is Richard BTW!

Bleve said...

neil said...

Richard: You do realise there are hills there right?

Carl: I fucking love LICD, they just need some title attributes like xkcd.

Bleve said...

You put me onto LICD years ago, I blame you for my piss-poor performance ever since!

Today's capcha word is ingsteek. There's something in that for all of us ....