Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Discovering the pair of gloves you have is not a left and a right, but rather two rights is never a great moment. Faced with just that situation I had to think fast; No gloves, both with one work inside out or just wear one right one? As Gav said, "just wear the one, you never know, you might crash on that side".

We headed in, and I was glad I hadn't pulled out the gearie, the trails were wet, often greasy. Rohin must have run out of other friends, because he was back to get some time in before Tour de Timor. We rode in fits and spurts, Ro Ro, Gavin, Chop Cop and I taking turns to go hard at the front, before regrouping and cruising. Justin had a cross bike out again, for some (now not so) secret training before the weekend.

Oh and those words of Gav's? Fucking prophetic. I tried to turn too tight on the Kew golf course pump track, ending up wrist deep in soft loam with my right hand.

D: 28.8km
A: 355m

PMPW: 92kg

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