Thursday, 15 July 2010


I wasn't able to get any training in today, I was doing a Car shuffle with Ian so we can get home from Ballarat on Saturday.

I imagine I'm going to be pretty fucking shelled by the end of the weekend, a 100km road race on Saturday and a 6 hour MTB race on Sunday. Still I have some goals for both races, and I think making them public before will ensure they don't change when faced with the pain of racing.

Melbourne to Ballarat:
I'm in the 12 minute bunch, which is about midfield, this compares with last year when I was off 6 minutes but probably a bit fitter/faster. Driving up the Western I was struck by how freaking long the Pentland Hills Rd Hill is, I think even with a slower bunch I'm going to hurt like a bastard. That said, I think it's doable and if we can get to Kryal Castle before Scratch catches us, then it's game on because the terrain flattens out and I'm going to haul whoever is left to the line.

Chase the Sun #2 (6 hour):
This one is easy, I want to beat Steve. He's far less trained that I am, but he wont have raced on Saturday and he'll be on a geared bike. Ok so it's not just about Caddy, I'd like to do consistent laps, with a strong finish. I want to be in the top 1/4 of the solo field, and still be able to speak English once the racing is done.

A slightly different goal has been brewing of late, Trail Advocacy and Trail Fairyism. A comment in the following video. "Trailbuilding is a democracy, you vote with your shovels." I think it's time I voted.

The Highbridge Project from yoni arava

PMPW: 92kg


Steve Caddy said...

I'm going to take that as a compliment or self denigration, because I've just been *assuming* you'll ride away from me and never be seen again. Race or no race on Saturday.

You realise now that you force me to shift my goal. Previously "keep moving for all six hours". Now I feel obliged to put up some kind of fight.

neil said...

Heh, it was never meant as self denigration. I was worried about what state my legs are in, and I'm never sure what sort of performance you'll put out given the vastly different training you do.

Oh, and it's a Schrodinger's goal, once you open that box...