Sunday, 11 July 2010


Mullem Mullem:
What a bloody gorgeous day for a ride with mates. It certainly didn't feel like the middle of winter. As Steve said "this is probably what non racers enjoy most about cycling", just riding with mates. No ego (ok a little but far less than normal) and good trails.


I left the 1.9:1 on my SS, knowing that the trails offer many short sharp rises. Even still there was a fair bit of pig rooting going on to make it up a couple, the fact that a couple of the guys on geared bikes didn't make them made it all worth while.


Up the final rise to Jim's house Ash and he kicked into a final sprint. I figured I was a chance so stood and gave it everything. Then everything went pear shaped and I found myself getting overly fond with the bitumen.


I'm normally one to bounce straight back up and declare that "it's all good" after a crash, but I thought it best to lay still after this one. As a lay on my back with my bike tangled at my feet I took notice of what hurt and what it could mean. I'd had the breath well and truly knocked out of my lungs, annoying but not critical. My head was ringing, but nothing seemed to be leaking out. My left shoulder hurt, but not enough for it to be a collarbone. My knee, elbow and hip were all telling me stories, but they were only stories of serrated nerve endings.

It looks like I snapped a chainring bolt, which allowed the chainring to flex and the chain to drop.


Sleeping is going to suck, but I should be ok for next weekend.

D: 25.3km
A: 640m

PMPW: 93kg

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