Saturday, 10 July 2010


Melbourne - Frankston - Melbourne:
I intended to do the Hell Ride this morning, a hard session working into the wind, great mental preparation for next week's Melbourne to Ballarat. Unfortunately not everything went to plan, a second morning poo meant I was running 10 minutes late, and not even an ITT effort aided by a ripping northerly was enough to make back the time.

I rolled to Frankston with another bunch I found on the road, the pace wasn't earth shattering, but I ensured I earned my place by pulling some long turns.

I swung around just before Hopes Rise as I saw a few guys that I knew would be with the bunch. When the rest of the bunch finally caught up I slotted myself up the front and started working.

A couple of guys were dropping wheels (which makes it hard), and a couple others were pulling through really strongly (which makes it hard) all combined with a hot northerly trying to push us back to Portsea meant it wasn't easy going. Mostly I wanted nothing more than to drop back into the bunch and sit on, each time I'd tell myself "just one more turn" or "just follow that wheel", and go around again.

D: 90.9km
A: 205m

The videos from last night.

Round 1: I race at 5:34 and went the LONG way around.

Round 2: I race at 2:51 and I let Marcel dictate the speed and had no legs to finish with.

Round 3: I race at 4:03 and I let Stuart dictate the speed and had no legs to finish with.

Finals: I piss fart around at 2:45 and race at 2:48.I dictated the speed, but Chris just had a touch more speed out of the final corner. I would very much like to beat Chris in a sprint one day.

PMPW: 92kg

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