Saturday, 5 June 2010


Melbourne - Arthur's Seat - Flinders - Melbourne:
Crowie had a long loop organised and it sounded like something that would suit, so, well, I decided to do it.

I was pretty nervous, though I was fairly sure I could hold most of the riders there, the fact that Crowie was organising and riding it gave me some trepidation. Firstly you never want to be the first one to pop when turning up to a new bunch, and I was worried that his influence would somehow make this ride harder than normal.

I did a few turns, wanting to prove that I should be there, and wasn't some wheel sucking leach or unfit Fred. The turns likely didn't help, but residual tiredness from Thursday, combined with my less than ideal power/weight ratio meant I couldn't hold the bunch up Arthur's Seat. I finishing a minute or two back (at a guess around an 11 or 12 minute ascent), but 10-15 seconds in front of Crowie. That last bit helped me believe I should/could be there.

Off the back of Arthurs Seat we headed for Flinders, I dropped back at one point to bring back to the bunch one of the guys who had been unable to hold a wheel. Once back together our little group worked hard, hauling fucking arse, trying to catch a couple of riders who were up the road. A slight downhill and a slight tailwind helped, but the turns were at 68km/h, I was in the 56x12 and it fucking hurt.

The few drops of water/ice that had hit us rolling into Flinders turned into many many drops as we ate and drank. The rain continued the whole way back home, meaning rolling turns became preferable to not only get us home quicker, but for the brief moment where there was no wheel in front to spray dirty water into your face.

Rolling into St Kilda I only had 197km on the clock, so I turned away from home for some extras. I really didn't want to be left with 198 or something equally silly, <200 an="" br="" not="" option.="" was="">
D: 205.6km
A: 1,730m

CE: 1

PMPW: 93kg

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