Thursday, 3 June 2010


2 x 20 Deck squats
3 x 10ES @ 24kg Step ups (25" box)
1 x 10ES @ 40kg Step ups (25" box)
1 x 10ES @ 32kg Step ups (25" box)
1 x 10 Box jumps (25" box)
1 x 10 Box jumps (26" box)
1 x 10 Box jumps (25" box)
1 x 10 Box jumps (26" box)
1 x 10 Box jumps (25" box)
1 x 10 Box jumps (26" box)
x 30 @ 12kg Air squats, reverse lunges, jumping lunges, jumping squats
1 x 2 Box jumps (40" box)

Jacked the 20" box up on a step for the step ups which were done as top down rather than bottom up (negative phase first). I'd get through to around 7 or 8 reps (24kg) per side before involuntary grunting began. The 40kg was just plain old hard. I couldn't tell you what muscles they were hurting, but I can say the involuntary grunting started at rep number 1.

The multi exercise set at the end crushed me, Jeff and Justin completely obliterated the rest of us. I tried to go with them for pace but blew up mid way through the lunges and barely limped through the rest of the set.

The final two box jumps were yet another case of me opening my big fat mouth before thinking something through properly, I'm beginning to think it's a positive trait. I would never actually do a lot of things in my life, if I hadn't stupidly said I could/would. Still, clearing a 40" object is kind of cool, hopefully the video Jeff took will come out alright.

Lovely lazy roll through the fog and traffic to work.

The ride home involved racing Justin up Burgundy St, the cutting and the Yarra Blv. Thankfully I was able to claw back some pride (after my crushing defeat at Jeff's) with a clean sweep of results

D: 52.9km
A: 555m

PMPW: 92kg

edited (italic text) to correct set counts, turns out I can't count.


Jeff said...

Must have worked hard or talked to much, to take note of what we really did

Neil Robinson said...

really? shit, I could have sworn I had it right!

edited to update the values.

oh well, adding more work to my logs only makes it look better.