Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Being awesome Fatties:
After being a complete sook the last few days I decided that tonight I was going to be awesome, in fact I went so far as to write it down on the back of my hand.... you know, in case I forgot.

Sadly I was far from rad for most of the ride, though that didn't stop me from having a lot of fun. "Wait, how can one have fun but not be rad?" you ask. Seriously, this post isn't going any further until you ask it. Ok, thank you, so anyway, I just made lots of stupid mistakes, nothing life threatening, but I did end up ankle deep in a puddle after fisting a tree (trees are quite kinky near the Yarra Trails, I wonder if it's nature or nurture).

We managed to convince Steve (of Meg and Steve fame) to come with us and Rich Read had dragged along a new roadie, but around Hans' loop there was only one person I cared about. Chop chop. The little shit is getting faster, and I fear my days of being able to hurt/drop him at will are limited. With a combination of risk taking and pig rooting the SS I managed to hold a 15 second lead by the end.

Here's a random quote, you know it's true.

"Four wheels moves the body. Two wheels moves the soul."

D: 39.8km
A: 225m

PMPW: 92kg

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