Monday, 28 June 2010


I said that I'd spend some time thinking about the race, but first I figured I'd give you my views from immediately after the race. I recorded a couple of notes into my phone, mostly to prompt myself later, but I now figure they might be interesting to others.

How the race went:

What now:

So what do I think after a day or so of reflection?

Well, I don't think I have a strong goal for the season, I have a vague idea about "being fast", but no race that I want to measure myself against, and certainly nothing that scares me witless and gets me on the bike regardless of conditions.

Secondly without a goal, how do I know if this race is a fair comparison to what I want to achieve as a rider?

Thirdly, as time has gone on, have I simply moved the goal posts and are thus just comparing myself against a higher grade of rider?

Fourth, could my poor performance simply be because I'm a fat hoofer at the moment? I'm somewhere between 92 and 95kg at the moment.... that's a heap to haul up a hill, regardless of the power I can generate.

So, with no basis to judge my performance on, I'm going to go ahead and judge my performance anyway. It was shit house. Regardless of if I care more about road or mtb, I need to be able to climb hills quicker than I currently am.

I've questioned my training, and if the decisions I've made about how I go about things hold me back. I don't like training solo, I don't like prescribed intervals and I don't like trainers/rollers. I've committed to fatties, I would like to continue Jeff's and I'd like to get my efforts in by attacking others in group rides.

So with all those restrictions, how do I go faster? Simple! Power divided by resistance, and on hills, resistance is all about about gravity effecting mass. In other words, power to weight. I think I've got good power, but right now I've also got a hell of a lot of weight. Lose some of that weight and reap the benefits.

So how do I get lighter? I'm not really sure, I don't see any significant patterns in my weight when compared to my riding or eating. Working on reducing my weight a little also means I continue to train as I've set out, a system I had strong enough faith in to adopt, a system it would feel a shame to abandon at the first signs of hardship. If I see it through to the end of this "season" I'll then be able to give it a proper review. Maybe it's just a matter of time on this program, or maybe it's not ideal. If it isn't ideal then I'll have to decide if my desire to succeed is stronger than my distaste for prescribed intervals and trainer sessions. I hope not, but I know most things worth wanting are worth the hardship to achieve.

PMPW: 92kg

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Bleve said...

You can always come to our ergo sessions on Tuesdays .. they're not too far from your work and intervals shared is intervals made 'easy'.