Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Commuting on knobbies in a skinsuit, faster? maybe, awesome? without doubt!

D: 38.5km
A: 275m

Powerful Own ITT:
Instead of talking about how I never quite got into the right mindset for this race, or the fact that I ended up ~16 seconds off the pace I'm going to talk about the track and my swimsuit area.

I completely forgot that neither my skinsuit nor the gillet I had chosen to wear had pockets, which meant I had to improvise a place to put my light battery. In the skinsuit, down past the torso and wedged in the top of my knee warmers. It turns out that's the perfect location for it to poke one in the peepee. Though slightly enjoyable it's also kind of distracting, so I wouldn't advise it for racing purposes.

The trail was pretty greasy, I don't think my rear tyre tracked my front more than 20% of the time, but that was ok, because I was too distracted to notice. I was able to notice that someone has put in some new trail around the back right corner, cutting out a lot of stuff that gets ├╝ber sloppy when wet.

Cam Wells took some pretty photos, they're over here...... or is it here........ ok they're totally here.

T: 0:04:37 (ish)
D: 1.5km
A: 0m (this amuses me)

PMPW: 94kg


brendan said...

skinsuit... knobbies... you getting read for cyclocross this weekend?

Neil Robinson said...

That depends on when I finish the Preston Mountain Classic. At this stage it's looking unlikely, but I'll have bring a spare bike just in case.