Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I was a little concerned that I'd have to take it easy tonight as my legs felt really spent this morning. Thankfully a touch of "friendly" competition was enough to eke out a bit of speed.

Chop Chop had a slight mishap when the bunch came to an abrupt stop for a fallen tree. The question is, why do we always fall on the side we've injured before?


Spurred on by Chop Chop I finally cleaned the rocks under Odyssey house... both fucking ways! I'm seriously stoked, they've scared the shit out of me for years. It should be noted I unclipped before the path on the way out, I was too giddy with excitement and got spooked by a stick.

Still, that lifetime first achievement wasn't the highlight of the night, that honour was racing Scott on the Scott Giant around Hans' loop. No one ever said it was a race, but I could feel us both become nervous as we rolled around the extra start loop bit, that was all it took to be "on". I did everything in my power to drop him, I took ridiculous risk on descents, I cornered harder than my brain thought prudent, I attacked every hill like it was the last and I span like a mother fucker in the open. Sadly I overshot a corner on the old hill section at the end, leaving him an opening to slip through.

Not surprisingly Scott and I were completely shattered on the ride back, so not much shenanigans occurred.

D: 43.5km
A: 285m

When I finally got home from the fatties I'd clocked up 80km and was suffering from some serious hunger. A call to my local pizzeria en route saw a small garlic and a large chilli con carne pizza waiting for me. The small garlic didn't even make it through the 1 block trip home. The large took only a few minutes longer. Hunger cured.

D: 35.5km
A: 310m

PMPW: 93kg

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