Sunday, 20 June 2010


You Yangs:
I committed last night to a MTB sesion with today, and I'm damn glad I did, because it was awesome. A little bit of rain fell while we were riding, but the trails were perfection.


We found a couple of O2 boys (Wade and David) in the carpark, so make a nice little 4 man group for a few hours of fun. A couple of laps around the Stockyards, then over to Kurrajong, before coming back to finish up with some gravity fed awesome.



I'm really proud of Mark, he rode some tough sections of trail and despite a little off halfway through was all smiles for the drive home.


D: 39.6km
A: 730m

PMPW: 95kg


Save Holland Park said...

I was there too.

Neil Robinson said...

We saw that fire and almost gatecrashed it for a bit of warmth, but the trails were too much fun to leave. Was the crossbike out for last minute dirtydeeds training? :D