Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hell Ride:
I really didn't want to get up and ride, but by just doing one preparation step after another I found myself in Black Rock "ready to go" at 7. When the first bloke rolled around to the front, I didn't want to work, but I just followed his wheel and tapped out my efforts.

By Mordi the bunch had be split by lights and Daniel Braunsteins* was starting to roll turns. I let myself sit in for a little bit, then got back to the front and worked through until just before Frankston where common sense finally prevailed, and I sat back for a rest. It was about then that Dan rode off the front and no one was eager to follow. We all knew he would rip our legs off if we tried to go with him through the rollers.

Over the top of Olivers there was only a dozen or so of us left. I was able to slowly move myself up the group, covering gaps when people dropped the wheel, like always it hurt, but I feel that's an improvement on recent times.

The return leg saw everyone rolling turns into a block headwind. I felt smashed but everyone looked to be pretty tired as well, even Tom Leaper looked smacked. The whole time I just wanted to sit on and rest, but instead I continually followed the wheel around, for "just one more effort".

A tough day of riding, made a heap better by catching up with the Stay True boys for some coffee and porridge.


D: 94.3km
A: 315m

My left hip has been raping me, so I spent some time on Tim's spiky ball and laying with my knee all twisted up underneath me this arvo. It's going to take a lot more than the hour or so I gave it, but hell I've got to start somewhere.

PMPW: 94kg

* Am I the only one who thinks it's funny Dan has a French wikipedia entry, but not an English one?

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