Monday, 14 June 2010


I couldn't face a long solo day in the saddle, and the only option I knew of for a bunch would require me being on the bike at 5:30. Well, I didn't want to get up that early, so I decided, if I wasn't prepared to go long, I was going to go hard.

Despite frequent claims that intervals aren't for me, I went back to old old programming that Carl did for me, and decided the order of the day was hill sprints (6 uphill, 6 downhill) at the Kew boulevard crit course.


The first 2 of the uphill were good, I felt like I was laying everything on the road and leaving nothing in doubt, the next two felt like I wasn't quite going hard enough, the last 2 took a heap of mental cajoling to even do. My arms could no longer pull against the power of my legs, I was lifting both the front and rear wheels at various stages.


In retrospect I think I was doing them a little longer than I used to with Carl, also a few teeth extra (56x15 vs 53x15).

After the last one I rolled down to the Studley Park boat house, and I mean that, I could barely turn the pedals. Once there I spent a few minutes with my head between my knees trying to work out if hours of boredom in the saddle might have been the better option.


The downhill sprints were a little nicer. I never felt like I was set to vomit, and trying to get up to 60km/h each time kept me honest.

D: 35.6km
A: 290m

PMPW: 94kg

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Bleve said...

good to see you doing some real training for a change!