Tuesday, 1 June 2010


5:45am NRR:
The legs didn't feel overly enthusiastic this morning, or maybe it was just my brain feeling shitty at the rude hour my alarm went off. Either way I just sat in spinning the little ring and chatting with Ian on the way down. We were towards the back of a big bunch, which inevitably got split by lights. We both pulled turns to bridge back on before settling in roughly the same position towards the back.

The return along the beach felt fairly sane, but we were quickly began shelling riders. I gave a couple of people a helping hand to keep them on the wheel but mostly it was a case of riding around them and closing the gap. I really wasn't sure what I wanted from the ride, so sat in until around Sandringham when I eventually felt like I should get some work done.

Tim McColl was acting as the gate behind the working group, a quiet word in his ear got me a spot. From there I just listened as he called "Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, Neil, yep, yep". I think a few of the guys had been working for a while as we quickly started to shell riders from the rotation. Covering gaps in the working line was hard, but I loved it. I felt strong enough to cover everyone there, and I was earning the right to sprint.

Sadly I fuffed the sprint entirely. Way too far forwards, sitting on wheels that blew from trying to go from over a km out. When I eventually jumped to catch a wheel I only served to slingshot 6-8 blokes straight past me.

D: 42.4km
A: 120m


D: 21.6km
A: 170m

I felt a little spent when I rocked up, but seeing it was a smallish bunch I figured I'd be able to bully a few wins with sheer strength/strength endurance. I was wrong.

Alex freaking Denham (one of the boys I raced with in Timor), smashed me to pieces, then some bloke in white kit calmly rode past the broken pieces of me.

The only exception was Williamson Rd/Foote St/High St, where a set of lights let me and another rider go clear. The wins still weren't easy, especially Foote St where we only spotted a queen sized mattress in the gloom at the bottom of the hill when we were mere metres away. An 80km/h swerve ensued.

Sadly once we waited for the bunch at Shell it was back to Denham ripping my legs off. I'm seriously considering adding him to my arch nemesis list.

D: 45.0km
A: 490m

PMPW: 94kg

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