Sunday, 9 May 2010


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
A recovery ride with the Nacional guys down to Frankston and back sounded like a great idea. Sadly neither Frankston or the "recovery" but ended up eventuating.

Everything was nicely behaved on the way down, a slight tailwind and some "woah there tiger" when things got too quick meant I could happily spin the small ring (44t) while sitting in and chatting.


Around Mentone that changed a little, Malachi decided to "stretch his legs", then a couple went up the road. Like the labrador I am I had to chase. 3-4 of us tried out best to TT to a win, the marginally downhill gradient, the tailwind and the fact i have massive legs saw the pace sit on a minimum of 50km/h. In the end it was a war of attrition and I was the last one left standing. I managed a full zip up of my fatties jersey just before crossing the line, arms in the air.

Feeling a little guilty about sitting all the way down before attacking I resigned myself to do some work on the way home. I rode with Tim for a bit, the normal half wheel shenanigans and constantly raping pace hurt, but when he pulled off I figured I must be awesome, so I kept at it.

The start of Riickets Point saw the end of that illusion, Guirguis came around like a freight train, and it took a lot of self examination to find the strength to get a caboose around 6 riders back.

It eased up a bit after that, before starting all over again around Brighton. I spent all my tickets trying to get away around Elwood with JJ, only to have the whole thing come to naught due to lights.

Oh well, despite being a bit of a sufferfest, and totally not what was planned, I fucking loved it. Attacks, TT efforts, Bridges, Sprints, this one had it all, it even finished with a coffee. :)

D: 52.8km
A: 160m

I have no idea what we did so I'll update this with specifics after Jeff updates his blog.

1 x 20 @ 48kg Double swings
1 x 20 @ 48kg Double cleans
1 x 50 @ 48kg Double swings
1 x 15 @ 48kg Double cleans
1 x 40 @ 48kg Double swings
1 x 10 @ 48kg Double cleans
1 x 30 @ 48kg Double swings
1 x 5 @ 48kg Double cleans
1 x 10 @ 48kg Double swings
1 x 25 @ 48kg Double cleans
3 x 20 @ 48kg One legged dead lifts

While I'm hazy on specifics of tonight's session. I know that Jeff baited me with a low weight and when I bit, he happily handed me much much more.

With about 10 minutes to go in the session I convinced Jeff to let Justin and I go for a run with a tyre. We were both glad to be on an exercise that didn't have any grip component. I had a pair of 24kg bells, while everyone else used singles. I'm not sure if I would have preferred a single KB, the option that Justin had was a 40kg! :o

It seems I'm still not sure how long it takes to get to Rosanna, because I was very early, so early in fact that I decided that 2 repeats of Burgundy St would be a great idea. Remind me not to be early again.


Despite all the fun I had on the way to Jeff's and the fun I had at Jeff's, I was still convinced by Justin to do Burgundy St again. In a reverse of Thursday he thoroughly trounced me to the top.

Bag weight: Less than a good poo.

D: 46.7km
A: 520m

PMPW: 92kg

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