Friday, 7 May 2010


While my legs slowly rolled over this morning, they really didn't have any other speed settings, I thought about this coming period of training and racing. As each leg performed a square motion I began to question my own desires for the season.

I've been talking about racing some enduros and doing the odd road race, but not setting myself up with a focus race. It's that last bit that I think needs analysis, yes I feel a bit burnt by both the Warny (less so) and the Otway (more so), but is that any reason to not pick myself up and try again? I'm beginning to suspect that I might be afraid of defeat.

That's shit house, that's unacceptable, that's the path to mediocrity, that's acceptance of poor results and half arsed efforts.

I've been using an o/s trip later this year as an excuse, but despite it being 3 weeks off right before the SS Worlds, I'm going to aim to be fast for the race. It's unlikely I'll get close to the pro/elite whippets, but fuck, that's no reason not to give it a nudge, besides, 3 weeks overseas is perfect drinking training. ;)

I also brow beat Steve into committing to some 6 hours just before the trip. There's no way I'm not going to try and take some form into them. I can't have some non tan lined dude show me up. :)

D: 38.4km
A: 220m

PMPW: 91kg

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