Monday, 24 May 2010


I decided to drive to work today, rain was predicted and I've got that dodgy feeling one gets a few days before coughing up lung oysters.

My hips have gone out on strike, while talks with management have broken down, we're hoping that a few days pandering to their demands will convince them we care about their needs. Once they go back to work we're going to strip all their benefits and force them to work long hours in poor conditions!

Given that I was too late for an entry into Chase the Sun #1 I whacked my name done for the metro road champs instead. The racing wont quite take as long, but it's likely going to hurt like a bastard. Hooray for open (non-graded) racing!

PMPW: 92kg


Rob said...

G'day Neil. Careful of those oysters mate. Been coughing up molluscs since Friday, there's "something" going around had that same dodgy feeling on Thursday after the FTF ride...Rob

Rob said...