Saturday, 22 May 2010


Melbourne - Yarra Glen - Panton Hills - TdB - Melbourne:
Met up with Ian at the before the crack of dawn for a ride up into the hills North East of Melbourne.


To suggest it was cold would be an understatement, leaving home my polar told me it was 6°, a few hundred metres up the road I wondered if I should turn back to grab more clothes. "Nah, she'll be right".


By the time we reached the big round about at the bottom of Eltham we were both freezing, we made an executive choice to ride Main Rd instead of Mt Pleasant Rd as we thought it would be warmer. I'm still not sure that was the right choice.

From there it was a similar route to the one a couple of weeks ago with Jeff and Gav, wind in and out of the Christmas and Panton hills including Alma Rd, Church St and Flat Rock Rd.


A couple of times my polar and Ian's SRM told us we'd dipped down to negative 1°! The only thing that kept us from freezing solid were the hills. Normally not a big boy's favourite place, they let us work hard without increasing wind chill.



Ian had some time constraints, meaning we couldn't go over Kinglake and down through Yarra Glen like I'd hoped. To make up some extras I did a loop of the Tour de Burbs route once we got back to town. It was by no means fast, but it helped get a few more kilometres of riding and many more metres of climbing.

D: 149.0km
A: 2,125m

PMPW: 92kg

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