Tuesday, 18 May 2010


5:45 NRR:
The roll down was mind numbing, actually maybe that was just the cold.

After yesterday's self analysis my aim was to work turns the entire return leg and then contest the sprint.

Won the sprint but the whole time I kept looking for a bigger gear, turns out I was doing 55km/h in the little ring. ;)

5:45 is like a handicap, 6:00 is like a scratch race. Despite having a few handicaps booked in for this year, I want to be able to roll turns the whole return leg of the 6am group as that will indicate to me a level of fitness i've never quite achieved.

D: 42.5km
A: 125m

Oh man, I knew my hips were smashed and thus would hurt to get worked on, but despite my best efforts to relax and go to my happy place (the ice cream isle of Coles), I was firmly stuck in here and now (there and then).

Just a spin around on the fixed commuter, I figured it would be good way of stopping me flogging myself before and after the massage.

I think the feeling was best described by Soxiam here.

D: 47.8km
A: 280m

PMPW: 91kg

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