Monday, 17 May 2010


This Church of the Big Ring post (forwarded by Steve) put into words the criteria I subconsciously use to rate my efforts.

"Could I (have) push(ed) a bit more?"

Lets look at recent activities, at any given moment the answers were:.

Fatties: yes
Jeff's: yes
Hell Ride = Mostly yes and one emphatic NO!

Beating myself with past failure is a good way to create disgust, and though it make take a little time to build to a sufficient level, it will eventually give me more motivation than any other process.

When it matters it should be a case of seizing the day. Fuck the future, go hard, right here right now. Balls out, no excuse given, none taken. Just do it! Harden the Fuck Up Kid!

...or something like that. We'll see how well that goes when it's cold, wet, dark and painful.

D: 29.8km
A: 210m

PMPW: 93kg

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