Saturday, 15 May 2010


Hell Ride: (kinda)
Used the Hell Ride to get south quickly, as I wished to visit my olds down past Mornington.

Everything was going well, I even pulled a few turns coming in to Frankston. Things seem to turn decidedly pear shaped when Daniel Braumsteins attacked up Olivers, then the hill after that, then the hill after that. I settled into the chase group, and we made contact before the second hill, after that I have no idea how things went down as I was chewing on a CK headset cap. Coming up the last hill a request to "hold that wheel" from behind was enough for me to dig deeper into the pain, relearning how much I can suffer in an effort to hang on.

I waved the bunch goodbye as they turned for Mt Eliza, then continued on way to out past Mornington. Though I was alone, the lure of delicious home baking kept me rolling through the mild morning air.


The ride home, fuelled by macadamia and chocolate chip biccies, was nothing special, just a steady effort with the occasional rider for company.


Bag weight: about the same as a good poo.

D: 134.2km
A: 665m

PMPW: 93kg

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