Saturday, 1 May 2010


Hell Ride:
The promise of nice weather was enough to bring out a heap of riders out for a bit of Hell Ride action this morning.

It wasn't ridiculously fast on the way down despite the tailwind, actually maybe it was fast, but just didn't feel it. Ok, so what I really mean is the effort felt manageable. I pulled a few turns for giggles, but mostly just wondered if I'd ever be able to feel my face again.

Heading into Hopes Rise I was towards the front, and cleared the top in 4th, but with a gap to the front 3. From there it was a tale of doing too much work into the wind, with the ending being me quite pooped on the final rise before the Mt Eliza turn off.

I did sweet fuck all on the return leg, the northerly (a headwind) had picked up and I was feeling a little shelled. Coming round mentone I moved up, figuring I'd see how things panned out for the sprint. I'd copped a few bumps during the ride (full moon still in effect?) and so when my "leadout" ended early, dumping me in the wind with way too far to go, I sat up and watched the sprint go. I was glad of the decision as a few moments later 3 riders went down hard (Some discussion of it here).

As a few people had stopped I continued on, slowly, into the head wind. Some hard efforts called for some strong coffee!

D: 92.0km
A: 320m

PMPW: 91kg

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