Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I really thought it'd be a quiet night tonight. It was the first ride that would need lights start to finish, and when combined with the fact it'd been raining for a couple of days... despite thinking well that most people would stay at home, I was happy to be joined by the 7 or so guys that turned up.

The trails were a mix of moist loam and giant puddles. The fastest technique for the puddles was to suck it up and go straight through, but if you were on the front you had to just hope they weren't axle deep.

Stating that my aim was to get wet right at the start of the ride allowed me to spend most of the ride laughing at the conditions, myself and the dudes around me.

Mario had me laughing a lot early on, as he tentatively piloted his gorgeous race bike around puddles. The dry line usually required some hideously ugly lines and were sometimes so difficult that you got wet and muddy anyway.

As for me, well there's going to have to be a period of adaptation to get used to both wet trails and night riding. I overcooked a heap of corners and just tootled through many more.

I've tried to express to those that have been turning up to fatties on a regular basis that I really appreciate it. I know they're getting fun, fitness and fskills (I had to keep that alliteration going) but I cant help but take their participation personally (in a good way).

So thanks to Gav, Cam, Alex, Justin and Mario for turning up week in week out. With out you crazy kids I'd only have myself to laugh at, and while I'm fully prepared to do that, it's kinda creepy for all the gay guys who hang out near the trails.

D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: 92kg

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