Sunday, 4 April 2010


Melbourne - Mt Eliza - Melbourne:
Meet at Wall 280 for a coffee and a longish ride down beach road with the Nacional boys. That's all I knew about the days plans as I rolled out the door, but really, what more does one need to know?

We had a group of 10ish down to Frankston, where a couple turned and the rest of us turned into hills up behind Frankston, rather than Hopes Rise. Brett Kellett said "big ring" and so the next 3 hills were all done in the dog. I don't know why and it seemed that no one else was doing it, but who am I to argue?

The return trip saw us pick up a few riders we knew in Frankston, but with the new additions the pace went down. Great for a chat, but kind of boring when there were more coffees to be drunk 50km away. As we rolled through Mordi, Nick Bensley suggested that we (he and I) put the pace up a bit with a turn on the front. Putting the pace up a bit turned into a quasi race that left me shagged at the top of Rickets Point.


Less than a kilometre later Will rolled past and suggested we string it out. I jumped on his wheel and spent the next few minutes engrossed with the pattern on my stem and the pain in my legs. As my brain functions slowly returned I realised that we'd gone clear of the bunch. Obviously, it was then a case of head down, bum up for 14km, sitting on the tip of the saddle, swapping hard turns, until eventually we sprinted for BP with no chasers in sight (I won).

The pressure of having a bunch of guys chasing us down kept us pushing hard, the irony is that there was no pressure, as there was no chase. Everyone must have sat up and just rolled through nice and easy. I spent the afternoon feeling shattered, where as the others on the ride described it as a nice roll with friends.

D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: 91kg

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