Sunday, 25 April 2010


Boolarra 3 hour:
ANZAC day trading times and success yesterday on a similar diet conspired to take Justin and I to the bakery for breakfast. 1 sausage roll and a pasty equalled a win yesterday so surely 2 sausage rolls and a pasty would see an easy win today....?

Started in 2nd, but went backwards on the first lap mudfest. I just couldn't get my head into it, and was sliding all over the place, my back wheel trying to overtake my front, and not in a way that inspired giggling. I had 4 or 5 stacks on that first lap, and about the the same number of people come past. I wasn't feeling great about the race, going backwards never gives me a great mental state, lacking the skills to do anything about it just exacerbates that.

As the race continued, the rain continued to stay away, meaning the track got dryer and my knowledge of lines increased. The timing guys let me know that my laps were getting faster, I was starting to feel the flow on the singletrack. I hadn't been keeping a good eye on the clock but my rough calculations said I'd be up for 7 laps.


Ever so slowly I started to pick up some places, by mid race we were well into lapped traffic, but it's fairly easy to tell a lapped rider from a rabbit simply by their speed and skill. One rabbit must have recognised me from yesterday and let me know that Justin wasn't far ahead. Rad! Time to chase in earnest.


By lap 4 and 5 I was hammering along, cleaning all bar 1 rooty climb and bombing all the descents including the clay filled one. My chain was starting to sound ugly, but surely the guys on geared bikes were suffering bigger issues that me.

I caught Justin towards the end of the 5th lap, he suggested that the next would be the last. That comment basically gave me an excuse not to push for a 7th. I never bothered to check the time, and just gave in to the feeling that my legs were cooked.

I finished my 6th lap 1 minute(ish) after the cut off, in hindsight this is disappointing. I probably wouldn't have caught 3rd on that extra lap, but not giving the podium a push is less disappointing than not giving myself a push.

Final result: 4th.

D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: nfi

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