Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Not much of a turn up tonight, just Gav, Rich Read, Daniel, Walter and I. Rich bailed early to "see his family for the first time this week", I think he was just scared of my awesome looking legs. In fact, the trails were pretty darn quiet, other than Steve & Co, we saw Rohin, Belly and AJ around Ivanhoe, probably out for a post marathon champs spin and 2 others out near Westerfolds. It's both great to have the trails to ourselves, and kind of sad that people aren't using such a great resource more.

It was interesting to see that the storms that swept through Melbourne last night missed all the trails, meaning it was dry and dusty the whole way out to Westerfolds. Holes that were bogs 2 weeks ago were once again solid and fit for use as berms. BRAAAAAAAP!

I didn't have huge impetus to push hard, so tried to just set a nice tempo through the trails. Everything changed when Gav suggested that I was "riding fast for a Single Speeder". That simple comment gave me the rage I needed to smack it out to Bonds road, a SS is not an excuse and doesn't require pity. From Bonds Rd we decided to change things up and turned left up the 3 hills, the promise of the driveway descent was enough to make the painful climbing on the SS seem worthwhile (no that's not an excuse or a request for pity). Sadly the descent had cars parked across it meaning we had to scrub off precious momentum and lose most of the fun.

D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: 90kg

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