Sunday, 18 April 2010


Melbourne - St Andrews - Melbourne:
The plan for today was to roll out to Kinglake with Jim, but sadly he had to pull out late last night. Gav and Jeff agreed to come along, and just like that my Sunday ride was back on again.

Out the door in the early morning darkness, it took a good minute to get down my stairs, legs still protesting from Thursday, I wondered just how well I'd fare in the hills with Jeff. The last time we rode together was many years ago, a ride that saw me completely melt down and John Claxton push me up the Yarra Glen climb.


It was decided that Kinglake was boring, so we'd ride some route Jeff preferred. At this point alarm bells were ringing loudly, sadly I was too busy considering the brownie Gav had given me to hear them (the brownie ended up being as delicious as I hoped).

We zigged and zagged our way through Rosanna, around Eltham, towards Yarra Glen, back towards Kangaroo Ground, over to St Andrews, down and back up through Patton Hills, then back over to Kangaroo Ground, Eltham and finally through the back of Rosanna to Gav's.


I finally got to meet Pigeon Bank Rd, thankfully we did it the easy way, and I really do mean that. I'm thankful as all get out, because that bastard is STEEP!!1!!one!1

Towards the end of the ride, as we headed up Church Rd Jeff admitted to tiring slightly. That simple statement was like a red rag to a bull, from then on I ensured I put pressure on or outright attacked every hill. A couple of times on Flat Rock Rd (a new route well worth revisiting), I was worried I'd over estimated my abilities, thankfully the damage had already been done, and I could coast over the top ahead of Jeff and Gav.

I know attacking and trying to hurt Jeff isn't the wisest thing I've ever done, but it certainly felt like it was worth it. I realise now in writing this, that on Thursday I may come to look back on attacking as a "past me" moment.

D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: 92kg

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