Friday, 16 April 2010


2 x 20 Deck squats
1 x 5min @ 24kg Clean and jerk long cycle (swap sides every 5 reps)
2 x 10ES @ 56kg Step ups
1 x 10ES @ 64kg Step ups
3 x 50 @ 43kg Jumping squats
3 x 5ES @ 35kg Forward/Back sloshball lunges
3 x 30 @ 43kg Sloshball cleans

I went into this session confident that I'd be able to perform, most likely with a bit of sweating, but really fearful about how I'd pull up the next few days. Well, so far I was spot on about the session, we'll have to see how I pull up.

I got a little cocky at the start of the session, pushing through the clean and jerks and step ups. Things started to hurt at the jumping squats, despite instructions to make them marginally deeper than jump squats I was going quite low and payed for it.

During the sloshball cleans I hit the wall. I became light headed, my vision blurred, I got dizzy, my hands were shaking and I was nauseous. Jeff was pretty caring, he smashed through his sets leaving me bugger all time to feel sorry for myself.

PMPW: 90kg

1 comment:

Steve Caddy said...

I'm trying to visualise Jeff now:
"Everybody! Everybody!! Stop the workout! Neil is suffering!"