Tuesday, 13 April 2010


So I'm doing this "having a break" thing, you know, to help clear my mind and discover new passion for cycling. Well it doesn't seem to be working, all I want to do is less of the stuff I'm already not doing much of and more of the stuff I am doing, which is nothing.

Maybe it's just a case of trying to be the best sit on the couch eating directly from the tub of icecream person out there. So I'm pleased to announce that this off period has helped me discover a new passion for Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate icecream*.

So as doing nothing seemed to have failed I might go for the opposite. I'm going to go ride my road bike around some pretty places, I might even ride with people faster than me. I'm thinking that the shame of being smashed will haunt me for months and drive me to train through Melbourne's shitty winter.


PMPW: 91kg

*Sara Lee never offered to help sponsor my addiction to their very very lovely products. If however they do wish to contact me and offer me some support, I would be willing to consider it.

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