Sunday, 11 April 2010


Note to self. 12 is not a suitable time to turn up to the SSS, flying 200's start at 12, which means if you get there at 12:04, you will get no warm up and have to rush to get to the infield.

It was windy as all get out, at times you could lean into wind and have it support you, surely this would effect speed, so while I got ready I asked Ian if he'd swap my gear out for a smaller one (96" down to a 90"). It turned out to be a poor choice, I was spun out by the last corner and ended up point two down on my 200 time from the last round. The big gear went back on.

If I could nominate an emotion to sum up the day, it was CBF. There was one exception to the CBFs, racing Ed Osborne. He beat me in the final of last round and I wanted revenge. To clarify, I not only wanted to beat him, I wanted to do it with the strategy I attempted last race. Lead the whole way, kick through the final corner and hold on until the line.

Despite not noticing the wind as we raced, I knew it would effect Ed more than it would me. His small body wouldn't be as suited to driving into the resistance, so as I wound up the speed I moved around the track, ensuring he was getting exposed. The plan worked as I rode clear through the last turn and despite it being my only win for the day, it secured me a spot in the 3/4 final..... against Ed.

In the infield waiting for our race the clouds turned dark, the sound of thunder cracked across the land and icy drops pierced through skin suits. The gods had decided to add drama to the occasion, it wasn't needed, I was already nervous. A quick 1 lap test to ensure everything was sound, then straight into the 3 lap race.

Knowing Ed packed a fierce second kick I backed off just before the corner, forcing him wide and giving me a chance to kick again. He came round hard and was half a bike in front by mid corner, but I was getting on top of my gear and closing fast. I hope I can explain the next few moments effectively. I was positioned on Ed's hip in the lane but coming up fast. He was either close to, or coming down close to the edge of the lane and my brain told me he thought he was clear, and was trying to take the lane. So I simply said "up". I wanted him to know that I was there and to keep out of the lane. It seemed to completely break his concentration, as he stopped sprinting half a second later. So I won, cemented a second revenge win, and got myself on the podium, but it felt hollow.

I can't pretend to know what Ed thinks/feels, but I'd suggest as a young bloke without a huge amount of racing, he is vulnerable to outside influence. I am really quite sad about the finals, sure I want to win, but I want it to be a fair fight. One word shouldn't be enough to influence a race, but it feels like it did, and that's not right.

I think I'll talk with Ed next time I see him (he races road so likely sometime soon), and see if I can help him believe in his strengths and abilities, so that in the future he can race with confidence.

Some locals messing about on a tandem after we were done.

F200: 13.330
Rounds: 1 win, 2 losses
3/4 Final: won

Sausages eaten: 7

PMPW: 90kg


Mak said...

CBF seems to be April's favour of the month in your world!!!

Bleve said...

Eat more sausage :

Neil Robinson said...

Cam: not the best time for CBF's mate. :P

Carl: cheers bro, the race between you and Ed was ridiculous.