Sunday, 21 March 2010


CCCC Crit:
It's been a couple of years since I've raced Caulfield Caregie Cycling Clubs Criterium.... let's just call it "Glenvale", everyone else does. Anyway, I decided to see if I could give Ian a hand to win his 2nd B-grade crit in as many days.

The feeling of being slightly underdone continued from yesterday, but a single can of cola beverage before the race had me feeling as twitchy as Fry, from Futurama, in the 100 cups of coffee episode (see here for reference).

Around 20 minutes into the race, 2 riders were up the road and seemingly holding the pack off well, myself and another rider worked for around 6-7 laps to bridge across, but for some reason after forming a strong 4 man group, the 2 riders we bridged to sat up. Actually that's unfair, I'm sure if I'd shown a little bit of impetus it would have restarted, but I was pretty shagged from the long chase.

In the mean time Ian seemed a little sluggish, I know, who would have thought he'd be tired after taking a hard win the day before? Crazy! Anyway, In the last few laps before 3 to go was called I kept looking around, and he was generally on my wheel. As we started getting the count down to the inevitable bunch sprint I stopped looking, and started presuming. With everyone looking to set themselves up it took all attention to find a clean line up the pack to a top 10 position.

Coming through for the bell the pace was slow and cagey, momentum had carried me to the front and I sure as heck didn't want to be there. When a guy jumped hard up the right through the first turn, and due to inaction from the bunch, looked to be gaining a winning margin. I decided I had to act, it was earlier than I wanted, but I figured I could bury myself for a km or so and hope that Ian's strong ITT would carry him the last hundred or so metres to the line. I went after the rider with everything I had.

Around turn 3 when 2 guys came past me I concluded that Ian was not on my wheel and the best chance we had of splitting money was for me to get my wheel to the line. The biggest issue was I was feeling somewhat cooked, 1 lap in the bunch is a doddle, when you're on the front doing all the work, it's an eternity.

3rd out of the last corner, 7th over the line. An ok result, my body wasn't up to par, but I still felt like I had a decent influence on the race as a whole. I'm happy that I kept going even after I lost my primary reason to hurt, i.e. getting Ian to the line. I would probably have fared better if I'd had a wheel to sit on during the last lap, but that's racing, besides, being at the front ensured I had a better chance than if I was at the back with 40 riders to get around.

D: nfi
A: nfi

Mulgrave - Edithvale - Melbourne:
After the race, Ian and I rolled down Springvale Rd to Edithvale and back home via Station St and Beach Rd. The wind that'd picked up during the race shifted as we rode, always ensuring we copped it pretty much square in the face, or at best, at a slight angle.

The motion to stop in Mordialloc for some blueberry and white chocolate scones was quickly seconded, 4 of the squishy, purple stained delights were quickly consumed, leaving slightly overworked jaws as the only reminded of their existence.

D: nfi
A: nfi

1 x 1min @ 20kg 2 Arm swings
1 x 1min ES @ 20kg 1 Arm swings
1 x 1min ES @ 20kg Cleans
1 x 1min ES @ 20kg Jerks
1 x 1min ES @ 20kg Snatches
4 x 1 @ 65kg dummy drag/carry

Jeff was off learning about Feng Shui or something else innocuous sounding (ok so it was Tai Chi), but likely to result in his training groups hurting. This meant it was up to us to organise ourselves, while most people organised themselves an injury, a rest week or complete absence, Gavin and I swung the KB and ran around with Jenn's dummy.

PMPW: 92kg

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