Saturday, 13 March 2010


Hell Ride:
Everyone seemed to be heading to hills to get some preparation done before the Avoca Marathon, and well, it just didn't sound like fun. I asked myself, if 7 hours in the hills isn't fun, what is? The answer was obvious, 3 hours smacking it on the flat.

For a fair chunk of the trip down I sat in the middle of the, roughly, 70-80 person bunch. The Felt Epix trio of Jase, Ash and Matt provided some conversation to pass the time, but eventually I started to worry the bunch was going to get split by lights and rolled up to get some turns in. Matt came with me, and despite sooking rolled solid turns as well.


The trip home was fairly uneventful until we got to Blackrock. Some gents crashed behind me and one of them clipped my wheel during his downward spiral. I'm going to put the sound of bikes and dudes hitting the deck up there amongst my least favourite.

Sadly I got a bit boxed for the Blackrock sprint so couldn't deliver Jase as promised. Despite having "not trained", his pride still seems to be powerful enough for him to bury himself and others in the process, maybe it's just the huge calves.


D: 86.4km
A: nfi


Mak said...

I think you might have a man crush on those calves, oh and his training gets done, its just on the hush!

Neil Robinson said...

what's not to love? :)