Thursday, 11 March 2010


Nothing too exciting about my commute, though my legs and arms were fairly trashed on the way home..... for some reason.

D: 48.7km
A: nfi

2 x 20 Deck squats
2 x 100 @ 43kg GS jump squats
2 x 60 @ 16kg Box jumps
3 x 10ES @ 35kg Sloshball step up to lunge
6 x 50 Rope shenanigans (2 hands, alternating hands, alternating lunges, jumping)
2 x 20 @ 35kg Sloshball cleans
2 x 10ES @ 35kg Sloshball clean to shoulder
2 x 10 @ 35kg Sloshball burpees (pushup to clean)

The jump squats and box jumps were done as supersets, the rope and the sloshball clean stuff were done as supersets with 1 set of rest between the rope and the cleans.

I honestly felt like I could have done the squats and jumps all day. The step ups were fine on the legs, but once I started getting overly sweaty the strain on my biceps was brutal. Queue the rope shenanigans and the cleans. I cracked quite badly. By about 3 sets in my HR was jacked, my arms were floppy noodles and I was a cranky boy. Sooking began.

PMPW: 90kg

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