Monday, 1 March 2010


My commute was in a pretty happy place today, nice and cruisy on the way in, ripping along with a tailwind to DISC then cruisy on the way home.

Wait! DISC?! Yeah, off to see Alex and Ben's mum (Liz) set a new Hour Record. Despite doing some damage to both thumbs, banging on the siding as encouragement, I was happy it wasn't me on that bike. A 1 minute effort yesterday was bad enough, 1 hour would destroy me physically and mentally.

Over the last week and a bit I've watched a big fat bruise on my inner thigh develop. It's from a stack during the Otway, but I'm not sure which one. Why mention it now? Well it's in the exact spot of my first cramp in the race. The stack that was most likely to have caused it was after the cramping had already started, but if not, then it's a lovely explanation that absolves my training and just makes me an idiot for crashing. Mentally that's a lot easier to deal with than I trained or planned wrong.

D: 42.3km
A: nfi

Here's some of the shenanigans we did with the rope yesterday.


PMPW: 90kg

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