Wednesday, 10 March 2010


This morning I read an article on Fat Cyclist that made me chuckle and got me thinking. Read it here (also read some of the comments). So, what does yours say?

Well tonight I got a chance to chat to my voice, but more on that in a moment. Daylight savings is due to end in a few weeks and it has been months since the fatties ride has made it all the way out to Hans' loop, so I proposed that we haul arse along bike paths to Westerfolds and get at least one last lap in before we will require lights. Of the 6 riders, only 2 had gears, so to say that we smashed the bike path would be a lie, still some shenanigans did occur, helping everyone to forget we were skipping awesome trails, that were mere metres away.


All question about if this was the best use of a ride evaporated once we hit the loop. 9km of twisting, winding, climbing, descending radness. Alex led the train up the first switchbacks, while I did my best to sit on his wheel, by the trees it was obvious that I wasn't succeeding. Loose and fast (read: neigh on out of control) down the descents, sideways and giggling through the oft sandy or muddy corners, out of the saddle hurting on the climbs. We finished in ones and twos, Alex had put a minute into me, I'd put about the same into Downie and Justin, Gav and Rich Read came through a little after them. Everyone, without fail was sweating hard but grinning.

So my voice? Well he kept wondering why I wasn't able to hold Alex's wheel. Why I was riding sloppy lines. Telling me that the guys behind we catching. Letting me know he thought I was soft. I did my best to burn him out of my head with pain, it didn't work, but eventually the blood pounding in my ears drowned him out a bit.

D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: 92kg

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