Tuesday, 9 February 2010


6:00am NRR:
A decent sized bunch this morning, when I found myself further back than I wanted the only option I gave myself was the front. The very front!

As per normal I mostly sat in on the way down, and aimed to get my work done on the way back. A few times I pulled a hard turn, had someone swing through a km or so faster. I sucked hard and held their wheel. Then the hard bit, convincing myself to pull back around them despite my legs telling me they were at their limit just sitting on.

Andy Naylor hit it around Mentone, not long after I'd pulled a turn. It was nice to see that despite feeling like I was pushing peak power I could get out of the saddle and smack it to chase. Well, by nice, I mean nice in hindsight. At the time it was agony.

D: 41.6km
A: 110m

My commute lacks one thing, racing.

Very few people travel out towards my work in the morning or back towards the city at night, even less at the specific times I ride. Tonight was the first time in ages there has been someone to pit myself against.

We never agreed that we were racing, in fact eye contact was never made, but there were some spiteful passing that let each of us know the score.

D: 26.9km
A: 190m

PMPW: 91kg

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