Sunday, 28 February 2010


Roller Racing:
My original plan for the day was race road crits, then roller racing, then Jeff's. I decided against the crits as trying to create a break with Ian at Glenvale just didn't sound like a fun morning.

Qualifying for the roller racing was a "flying 200" with 600m warm up. My hips were stiff, making me rock on the saddle and had to back off a bit to keep it under control. Time? 9.72ish, good enough for 4th or 5th.

Racing was head to head, 400m, first to the line wins. I started off slowly and it took about 1/3 of the race to realise I was well under max cadence. Smacked it for the remaining 10-15 seconds and managed to chase down the win by a bees dick.

Sam McGregor, a few other fast qualifiers and I joined up for the team persuit/sprint and won our heat convincingly. The secret was to use the same bike for everyone. Even though Sammy and I had to hunch a bit, the 98" gear was the biggest available, and for this kind of thing bigger is definitely better.

With time running short before heading to Jeff's I signed up for the 1 minute challenge. Basically an ITT where you see how far you can make it in the time. I got on and tried to limit my effort at the start then bring it home strong. After what felt like half an hour of frantic cadence my legs were starting to loose their snap... then they called 30 seconds to go. From there it never got any better, I barely managed to turn the pedals in the last 5 seconds. To my complete and utter shock I won the challenge by 10m (1220m).

2 x 5 Rope shenanigans
8 x 10 Tyre sledgehammer and flip
1 x 100ES @ 16kg Swings
1 x 50 @ 25kg Sloshball cleans
6 x 30m Tyre drag sprints
1 x 50 @ 20kg MB clean and (power) press

PMPW: 90kg

I didn't get a chance to check the photos on my camera, so I might have some from today posted in tomorrow.

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Neil Robinson said...

Thanks to Brendan for organising the event, Nathan for running it, and Nick/Andrew for helping out with holding etc.

At least I think Brendan organised it, Nath certainly did all the hard work in running it while Brendan just ran his mouth on the mic. ;)