Monday, 22 February 2010


A day of total rest, mostly due to work and the weather, partially because I don't need to be on the bike. A crazy thing that, no feeling of obligation to ride, no guilt, not fear, nothing. Last time I had that was over 12 months ago, maybe even longer!

So anyway, I became a huge fan of a goal this year, so I'm going to set some more. "Wait, aren't you all about resting right now?" I hear you ask. Seriously I heard you ask it, you should shut your window or talk softer, maybe even check the terms of your AVO because my interpretation says nothing about listening devices.....

So anyway some goals, I like em, but this crop will be all about fun and skills.

Monos - I want to get these "on lock" as the fixie kids would say. This goal is non-negotiable. Monos will be performed on every mountain bike ride. :)

Airborn - I would like to be marginally less shit scared of being off the ground while riding. While I would really like this, I am also really shit scared about it, so it's a less firm goal than monos.

Spin - I've been a lazy big gear mashing dude for too long. Time to get some decent average cadence back into my life and not just during racing.

KBs - I put it out there yesterday that I want to start moving up KB weights. The first step should be better KB technique, specifically at the top of a jerk/snatch. I feel there is a horrible feedback loop going on that ends with my grip strength gone and my hands torn to pieces. I asked Emily if she'd tell me what I'm doing wrong. Granted she would do this anyway, whether I wanted it or not, hopefully by asking she'll be less mean about it.

Beer - I would like not to give up beer for any other event. It's just way too hard and takes the fun out of life.

I'm sure there will be more such goals to come, but that'll do for a start.

PMPW: 92kg


Unknown said...

Monos - I find 450cc or around 52Hp at the rear wheel really helps. I can mono 'till the cows come home with really little effort at all ;)

neil said...

Heh, while I like the way you're thinking, non motorised bikes already take every excess penny I earn.

I can't imagine how much a bloody CRF450RA would set me back each pay cycle.

I think I'll stick to pushing my bum back on my saddle and searching for the sweet spot.