Monday, 22 February 2010


After a much needed nap I decided to head to Jeff's to catch up with everyone and continue to rehydrate.

Sitting in the sloshballs I was handed a 20kg KB, and just like a couple of weeks ago I lifted despite my earlier decision not to. It's alarming how much of a push over I am for such things. "Here do something hard and stupid that you hadn't previously wanted to do" "OK!!!!".

3 x 30 @ 20kg Two handed swings
3 x 15 Left @ 20kg One handed swings
3 x 15 Right @ 8kg One handed swings
3 x 20 @ 35kg Sloshball cleans
2 x 10ES @ 20kg Jerks
1 x 10ES @ 32kg Jerks
3 x 10ES @ 64kg One legged dead lifts

A torn calous on my right hand made swings and cleans an issue, so I used a lighter bell I could grip with 2 fingers for swings, and the sloshball for cleans.

The highlight of the session was the macho shenanigans for the final set of jerks. After working on catching jerks in a squat (ie. jerking rather than push press) with the 20, doing a set with the 32kg was highly satisfying, even if a few wobbled dramatically at the top.

I'm going to regret saying this, but recently I've wondered if I could do a KB session with a 28kg KB. The jerks only compounded this thought.

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