Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Flat Hill Dirt Crit:
Tonight's crit was one of those races where I turn up early and figure I've got a shot, but as each new racer arrives my chances of a podium diminish. With that in mind I put myself on the second row at the start.

I took a couple of places in the first couple of laps, then settled in to hold my place. By the time I had put enough time into the rider behind for them not to be a threat I had started to spy the rider in front.

Laps came and went, I did my best to find the cleanest lines, searching for a way to eke out some more momentum from each turn. Early apex, late apex, skim the tree then trust my tyres.

I slowly made ground on the rider in front (Duncan Murray) and by the time we hit lapped traffic I was starting to tire, but obviously so was he. I never heard the "3 laps to go" call, but despite not catching Duncan I was happy when it was all over. I was shagged.

A quick sticky beak at the laps page suggests I came home in 5th. Not awesome, but not bad considering who made up the top 4.

Big Mak brought out his new gearie for a spin. I don't get why he needs it, he already has a 29'er that he makes look like a 26". :)

D: 16.4
A: 80m

PMPW: 90kg


Mak said...

hey mate it gives me some other options when riding with the likes of you and others on a wednesday! Not to sure about the whole geared thing, having to go back to school to get it together!

neil said...

Heh, I wasn't saying you can't have gears, I just find it funny how you make 29ers look normal sized.