Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Flat Hill Crits:
I never quite got my head in the race tonight. Given the riders that had turned up I expected to come around 4th, when the start came suddenly and I found myself in first, I'll admit I wasn't upset, but I certainly wasn't settled.

A couple of laps of sloppy lines I decided to focus on getting the most speed with the least energy. To hit corners cleanly rather than being forced to grab a handful of brakes and flick it in. It was moments after this descision that I washed out the front and took a roll in the dust. Brett slipped around and I was back to 2nd place.

Rohin who'd had a bad start came through not long after and got past Brett as well, leaving me in a the middle of a Brett and Belly train. Lapping a rider Belly got a better line than me, and that was me back into 4th.

At this point I lost the will to race, in 1 lap Belly had a gap that I'd normally consider safe. A couple of points in the course you double back near other trail and can quickly judge how close other riders are.

I picked up mentally when 3 laps was called, taking back a bit of lost ground to Brett and Belly, but the damage was done and failing a crash, I was set to finish in 4th.

At home later I heard something in the crappy tv show I was watching, I think it's something I feel disappointed I didn't live up to tonight, and something to try to keep in mind for the weekend.

"Sometimes our best isn't good enough, but that's no reason to give anything less"

D: 12.0km
A: 75m

PMPW: 90kg

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