Sunday, 14 February 2010


SKCC Crit:
I had an odd mix of fear and optimism for the crit this morning. Fear about the state of my legs, but given there had been a Team Time Trial (TTT), optimism that I wouldn't be the only one sporting some tired muscles.

About 5 minutes in a strong looking 6-8 man break got up the road, I launched off the bunch and set about bridging across. After a couple of laps in the hurt box I was within 20m of the last rider, they weren't getting closer but my limit was, I sat up.

In less than a fraction of a second, I don't want to hear anything from you mathematicians about not being able to have less than a fraction, and that it would just be a smaller fraction..... wait... what was I saying? Oh yes, in less than a fraction of a second the bunch had caught me and I had to get back on the gas to hold a wheel. It took something like 20-25 minutes to get my heart rate back down and return to a degree of comfort, then they called 10 minutes + 3 laps. For those of you not familiar with the crit, it should be 60 minutes + 3 laps. We were 31 minutes into the race, ignoring the constant of the 3 laps, we were being told we only had 10 minutes left to race. The pace went up as everyone surged for place.

A break of 12-15 rode off the front, I launched again and got on just as everyone started to look around and sit up. Effort wasted!

The next few minutes was all about jostling for position, with 3 to go I found myself on the front, with no desire other than to hurt I tried to hold everyone off for a lap. Judging by the fact that everyone was in a nice compact bunch, rather than strung out down the road, I'd suggest everyone was just happy that some sucker was saving them some work.

I waved the bunch goodbye and rolled around to finish the race half a lap off the back.

D: 48.9km
A: 110m

Once again I failed to pay attention to the exercises we did, so I'll update once Jeff gets details up.

It should be noted Jeff thinks he's forgotten some sets as well, oh well, if we can't remember them, they don't count.

3 x 20ES @ 20kg Swings
3 x 10ES @ 20kg Snatches
1 x 25ES @ 20kg Clean and jerk long cycle
1 x 15ES @ 20kg Clean and jerk long cycle
1 x 10ES @ 20kg Clean and jerk long cycle
3 x 15ES @ 20kg Deadlift
3 x 20 Dips

My attention went on a combination of form and speed. Sadly they didn't seem to be compatible with each other.

PMPW: 90kg

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