Thursday, 7 January 2010


2 x 20 Deck squats

1 x 30 Chin ups
1 x 50 @ 16kg Aquabag Clean & Press
1 x 100 @ 43kg Step ups (alternating)
1 x 100 @ 20kg 1 Arm Swings (change every 10)
1 x 50 @ 32kg Sloshball Cleans
1 x 50 @ 43kg Box squats
1 x 50 Push Ups
1 x 100 @ 20kg 1 Arm Swings (change every 10)

Time to complete: 0:37.55


This week was a "test" week, we had a list of 7 things to do, any order you like, but you have to finish each exercise before moving on to the end...... "wait a minute wtf is going on with your swings" I hear you ask (really my hearing is THAT good). Well it turns out I'm a retard and got the rep count wrong and thought I was all done, until a random comment by Jeff prompted me to realise that I'm a retard.

So my time, well I'm surprised at how quick the whole thing was. I was expecting to use the full 60 minutes, especially given pull ups and push ups. My time is also inclusive of the 3ish minutes I sat around believing I was finished.

Now, given that we're going to be revisiting this test every 6-8 weeks, and given my slightly out of control competitiveness I face a question. Do I train normally to ensure my best cycling result, or do I do some training slightly more specific to this test (eg. pull ups and push ups) to get my time right down, and possibly one day get close to Jeff's 0:26.24?

I've been doing a little less riding than I'd ideally like to. I'm still working to manage some residual issues in my left knee. While it doesn't appear to be hindering my performance, but it's not going away either. I will start to implement R.I.C.E. and see if that helps.

Chickens Eaten: 1/2

PMPW: 90kg

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