Sunday, 31 January 2010


SKCC Crit:
Felt a bit nervous about signing up for a-grade. Last week smashed me, and I didn't feel strong yesterday. Still, I reminded myself that giving all my thresholds a nudge was exactly what I was there to do, so dropped $15 off with the nice ladies and pinned on a number.

First up, the wind had to be mentioned. It was blowing a gale, a ripping Nor Westerly savaging us along the back half of the course. I started mid to back of the pack, concerned that any moment the pain would start and just never end.

The pain never came, well it came, but was nothing like last week. After some time I started getting myself towards the pointier end of the field. I had no idea how long we'd been going for (couldn't be arsed to change the HRM to time) and had no idea about how fast we were going (magnet had gone AWOL), what I did know was I was there was a break 20 seconds off the front.

I started to pull turns, finding I was able to smack it harder into the headwind than others were, so that's what I did. Get a tow up to speed, then as we turn into the pain, roll off the wheel and do my best to hold the speed. I doubt we took any time out of the break, but it was cool to see that my efforts helped Tim, Bensley and I go clear of the pack for a short while, despite it not being my intent.

Sooner than I thought possible we got the call for 3 to go, then 2 to go, then the bell. Eddie Wilson smacked it hard and a few people jumped solo to chase him. I swung over to grab their wheels, then hit it up the back straight.

I came through the last corner and decided to shut it all down. The break had won, and I didn't see the point. Turns out I came through the corner in 7th, and could possibly have contested for 8th (someone hit it HARD out of the corner).

Oh well, I'm starting to feel a lot more positive about where I'm at.

D: magnet fell off. :(
A: magnet fell off. :(

PMPW: 91kg

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Mak said...

Nice work T rex! Seems like its all coming together for you in time for the Otway! Will be out on Wednesday nite for the fatties as I am going to try and get to them all for the year!