Sunday, 3 January 2010


SKCC Crit: - B Grade
Skinsuit Sunday was in full force, and by that I mean it was Ian and I. Still 2 people takes it from 1 weirdo to 2 awesomely rad people. The plan was to create a break early and try and hold on, both of us thought it'd be best to open our legs with a short solo effort before going all out.

Around lap 2 or 3 I launched off the front, managed a lap or so and got reeled back in, immediately after Ian went and then nothing happened. No one wanted to work, and he kept getting further and further from the bunch, so I kicked hard and after a few laps of pain I had bridged across to his wheel.

From there it was half a lap in the pain box (on the front) and half a lap trying to suck in air (sitting on). We worked together until just over the halfway mark when it looked like someone else was trying to come across. Both of us were feeling smashed, so we eased off to let them get up, but sadly the bunch was mere metres behind when he finally made our wheels. Break away attempt failed.

The rest of the race I tried to convince myself I deserved to win, to give myself the conviction I'd need to destroy myself (and others) to achieve it. I just couldn't come up with the passion, I was there for Ian and not for me. I checked that he was cool with a bunch sprint, then hit the front hard with a touch over a lap to go. I gave it all I had, by the back straight I was rocking my hips and bobbing my shoulders trying to get the power down. Some encouragement from Ian to keep going got me round to just before the final turn, but I was smashed and everyone was starting to go around me. My race was over, I hopped the inside gutter to keep clear of the faster riders and tried to see if Ian had got up in the sprints.

He managed 3rd. I was pretty proud of him, and happy that'd I'd been able to help. Being able to get him around that last corner would have been better, but I'll settle for the free coffee and chop money regardless. :)

All up, a solid threshold workout session, I might have to get a couple more of those leading up to the Otway. They might have to be in A-grade though, my pride doesn't like B-grade.

D: 52.7km
A: 45m

2 x 20 Deck squats
2 x 30 Cleans @ 32kg Sloshball
2 x 30 Hang clean @ 16kg Waterbag
2 x 10ES Cleans to shoulder @ 32kg Sloshball
1 x 40 Hang clean and Jerk @ 16kg Waterbag
1 x 10ES Overhead lunge with twist @ 16kg Waterbag
1 x 20ES Overhead lunge with twist @ 16kg Waterbag
1 x 10ES Overhead lunge with twist @ 16kg Waterbag
2 x 15ES Step up to lunge @ 32kg Sloshball

I think that's roughly it, it may have been different rep/set counts, and probably in different order, but I think it's all the exercises. As for my apparent brain fade, I blame Jeff for making me do lots of things and the girls (Ann-Michel and Emily) for forcing me to drink booze.

Gavin (of Fatties ride fame) came along for a session to see what all the fuss was about. Like any of us the first time we rock up he got hammered, but to his credit he kept at every exercise until it was done. I'm bloody proud of the little shit, but wish he'd sooked a bit more. If he'd cracked it I wouldn't feel so bad about the tanties I pulled my first few times (read: months).

He say's he'll be back, but let's see how he feels on Tuesday when the DOMS from all those lunges has fully set in. ;)

PMPW: 90kg

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