Thursday, 28 January 2010


I just signed up for Round 4 of the ABOC's Summer Sprint Series. I have a love/hate relationship with match sprinting. On one hand it's such a pure race, just you and a competitor, first to the line wins. On the other hand it hurts like all get out and will often do my head in. Just thinking about it has got my pulse up, hands sweating and an uneasy feeling in my chest. I wonder how fast I'll be, given the focus on hills I've had.

D: 48.5km
A: 455m

2 x 1:30 @ 43kg Box Squats
2 x 1:30 @ 16kg Waterbag clean and press
2 x 1:30 @ 25kg Sloshball clean to shoulder
2 x 1:30 @ 32kg Sloshball cleans
2 x 1:30 @ 24kg Bears
2 x 0:45ES @ 36kg Step up to lunge
1 x 1:00 @ 43kg Box Squats
1 x 1:00 @ 16kg Waterbag clean and press
1 x 1:00 @ 25kg Sloshball clean to shoulder
1 x 1:00 @ 32kg Sloshball cleans
1 x 1:00 @ 43kg Bears
1 x 1:00 @ 36kg Alternating step up

A circuit seemingly designed to make me sweat like a fat man in a sauna. Normally this is an amusing side effect of exercise, today it was a hindrance to anything sloshball related. As a consequence I sucked complete balls on the sloshballs, especially the straight cleans with the bigger ball.

PMPW: 90kg

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Jeff said...

Good to see your up to skipping out mentioning the exercise you lost count on so therefore didn't complete. 2 1A dyynamic prone braces when you were ment to do 20es