Wednesday, 20 January 2010


A fairly small bunch for a roll on the outer trails tonight. The 5 of us rolled our way along the trails which a mix of dusty, grippy and wet. I had my SS out with a smallish 2:1 gearing which meant I had to work hard on maintaining speed through the corners to have any chance of staying with everyone else.

I'm glad to say that despite still having the shorter stem on (like last week) I was feeling good about the flow. Pushing the bike hard into the dirt, pumping corners to extract every bit of grip available. Head up, scanning the trail ahead, looking far beyond the front tyre, leaving it to track a more natural path. Still, Alex who rode behind me on a few sections, suggested my lines and reactions could use a bit more work, so I know there's more speed to be had. I'll use my planned break after the Otway, to work on skills and technique, especially MTB ones.


Alex and Scott (on the Giant) continued on from the back of Westerfolds to do Hans' loop while Gav, James O'Keaffe (sp?) and I turned for home.

D: 35.3km
A: 305m

PMPW: 90kg

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