Saturday, 16 January 2010


Melbourne - Mt Dandenong - Melbourne:
Met Jimmy, BJ, Alex and a CBD rider named Chris early in the Eastern suburbs for a ride up Mt Dandenong 4 different ways. I wasn't feeling too crash hot on my way out, but a quick stop at work for a second morning poo helped and probably reduced my PMPW to something a little more normal and helped take my overall outlook from "Blah" to "Meh".

BJ's clever polar mount. *hint* It's a knog toad.

The blow by blow of the ride is a touch boring, and to be honest, I'm still a bit too tired to want to write heaps.

First up was the 1 in 20, Jimmy and I rode off the front but shut down the legs with around 250m to go.

Next was all the way up Devils Elbow through to the top of One Tree Hill, I followed Jimmy's wheel until the One Tree Hill turnoff, then rode on the front until the summit. Chris was the only one left close by at the top.

The third Ascent was The Wall, and after a short break for a flat tyre up to Sky High. I hit this one pretty hard and was soon of the front by myself. Chris had a go halfway up but a short attack snapped his will to compete. It was around here that we lost Alex, I think he missed the turn, or just decided to call it a day due to a major case of CBFs.

The final ascent was the Tourist Rd from Montrose up to Sky High, Chris was pretty much spent by this point, so I opted to ride with him while Jimmy and BJ went on ahead at their own speed.

All up I'm happy with how it went. I rode strongly and had a blast on all the descents, especially Inverness Rd. That thing is almost criminal in how fast you can go without pedalling.

D: 142.4km
A: 2,585m

PMPW: 93kg

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